I Got Scammed

This is a public service announcement.  Don't be an idiot like me. About a month ago I was watching YouTube videos and saw that Casio had a relatively new G-Shock (GA2100) made with a carbon guard.  It has an octagonal bezel and is very thin for a G-Shock.  I was intrigued, but some quick research… Continue reading I Got Scammed

Casio watches

Almost every watch collector I have seen on YouTube or read about talks about how they wore Casio's when they were young and that planted a seed for their love of watches.  I was the same.  When I was very young I wore some Casio's, then as I got older some Fossil watches, older still… Continue reading Casio watches

Another Ebay issue I should of avoided

On October 8, 2019 I purchased a Seiko SSB005 blue dial chronograph.  The watch has a mecha-quartz 6T63 movement.  The case size is 40mm wide, 11.50mm thick and 47.30mm lug-to-lug.  It has 20mm lugs for literally a perfect sized watch for my wrist.  I bought it off Ebay, and once again, I should have read… Continue reading Another Ebay issue I should of avoided

Seiko SNKE57 finds a home

On October 25, 2019 I purchased a brand new Seiko SNKE57 from Jomashop.  This is a Seiko 5 with the 7S26 movement.  This movement has been around since the 1996 and is pretty antiquated in the watch world.  However my watch was manufactured in April, 2019 according to the serial number, so my 7S26 is… Continue reading Seiko SNKE57 finds a home

Collecting Clocks

After an October 15th tax deadline, one  I never want to remember, I was sitting in my office trying to detox a little and noticed my little clock with with the roman numerals and  lovely picture of my family from the early 2000's. It's an inexpensive little clock, nothing special.  But, I love the dial. … Continue reading Collecting Clocks