Week in review 1/19/19

It's Saturday and the end of the week.  How did I do this week? Did I meet my goals?  Sort of. The first goal was to lose weight.  I did not lose or gain weight.  So, I get half of a check.  I weigh the same today as I did last Saturday. Another goal was… Continue reading Week in review 1/19/19

Another Weight Loss Gadget

I purchased another weight loss gadget. After saying all I needed was my Fitbit (Fitbiting.) After writing about how I figured it all out yesterday, I realized that I ordered something earlier this week that I completely forgot about. It's an Omron HBF-306C Fat Loss Analyzer Monitor.  Say that three times fast. I watched this… Continue reading Another Weight Loss Gadget


On December 8th I bought a Fitbit Flex 2. This is about my fourth or fifth Fitbit in my life.  I have a real love/hate relationship with these small intrusive tracking devices you attach to your body. There is no magic to strapping a device to your body that will make you healthier.  Angrier and… Continue reading Fitbiting

New NTH Watch

My first watch purchase of 2019 finally arrived. It's a NTH Nacken Renegade dive watch. NTH is a micro-brand based in the USA, here is there website. I purchased the watch from Watch Gauge, the official authorized reseller for NTH in the USA. The watch is 40mm wide, 11.5mm thick, and lug width is 20mm. … Continue reading New NTH Watch

2018 Summary and 2019 plan

It's the end of 2018 and I have decided to change how and what watches I collect in the future (yet again). For most of the time I have collected watches in many different ways.  Sometimes with a concise well thought out plan but mostly with haphazard, spur of the moment decision-making. This year was… Continue reading 2018 Summary and 2019 plan

New watch and other stuff

Yesterday I purchased a new watch.  It's an Orient Flight quartz watch.  It has a green dial and a canvas strap.  It has a 42mm case and 20mm lugs.  This is my first flight watch. I was looking for something simple to wear as the weather is changing and getting cooler.  The green dial sold… Continue reading New watch and other stuff

A Kidney Stone is Born…

Wednesday night at about 1:00am I awoke to a terrible, terrible pain in my mid-section. My first thought was, "Oh my, here we go again". On Christmas Day in 2016, I went to an urgent care with severe pain in my stomach and back, being as sick as I can ever remember.  I was immediately… Continue reading A Kidney Stone is Born…